Oak Furniture Is A Great Investment

What lasts for hundreds of years, is likely to appreciate, and nearly indestructible? If only stock market bonds were as profitable as owning oak furniture. While they are quite expensive up front, their beauty is apparent to anyone who sees it and they tend to resale at a premium because antique oak is a gold standard. While it does not pay the same type of dividends as bonds, they are very profitable in terms of the impact they have on visitors. 

What makes oak so valuable compared to other types of wood furniture? Admittedly, if the wood is covered in a thick lacquer, it might be hard to immediately tell what type of wood it is, let alone appreciate the natural beauty of a fine grain. The answer is that there is a constant demand for oak, and the wood is easily identified by its weight and strength. A brand name is worth the money when it comes to oak, and many are easily recognized.

A person who picks up an oak chair will tell instantly that it is not made of some cheap pinewood or even ash. Oak is valuable because it is incredibly strong, and this strength is due to its density and tight grain. Oak trees are infamous for being tough to cut down, but they are fantastic for crafting precisely because the tight grain does not easily spit out splintered chunks while working.

Consider that oak is also popular for using as floor tile. While it is an expensive wood due to limited supply and toughness to cut, it is also durable and may bear considerable weight without much deformation. An oak floor might last longer than the house in which it is installed. Oak does not decay as easily as other types of wood and was once used for shipbuilding. All things considered, a piece of oak furniture can bear the weight of humans and is unlikely to break due to a small accident.

The same durability that allows oaks to make excellent flooring means that they can endure multiple lifetimes of wear. A person can sit in an oak rocking chair every day and even put it through some abuse and it still will not fall apart. The types of chairs that do this were made with cheap wood and factory assembled while oak craftsmen are usually more careful with how they handle such a precious wood.

While oak is more sustainable and not quite as expensive as more exotic woods such as ebony, oak is near the top when it comes to beauty and durability. Most people who know its longevity and value would not be willing to abuse a masterpiece, but oak chairs are nearly guaranteed to have a very long lifespan and will likely resale decades later for a higher price.

It is prestigious to have oak furniture. It is practical enough to seem desirable for kitchen furniture and is valuable enough to be worth a lifetime investment. The top manufacturers do beautiful things with oak, so it pays to look at an online inventory just to see how attractive this wood can be. Oak is a renewable resource, and since it is almost guaranteed to be reused, feel free to consider it an environmentally friendly purchase.